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This is a house we rented, then bought, then rented to others for several years, finally concluding that it HAD to be remodeled. We finally tackled it in 2013. put it on the market and SOLD, signed contract, in 25 hours. THAT made me smile.



Front Before Front After
Front Door Before Front Door After
Double doors are expensive so we replaced the weather stripping and took the doors down, puttied and sanded before repainting. They looked so good after. That, plus the new doorknobs and numbers and it looks like a different house (and the window and new light).
Window Before Window After
The blinds on the window were impossible to clean, therefore had decades of dust (gross). We designed and frosted the window to obscure the view. With the split foyer, you can see into the kitchen from the road. This did the trick and added a lot of curb appeal and lets in natural light...nice cheap solution.
Driveway Before Driveway After
The driveway was in rough shape, as you can see. We mixed concrete, poured the little curb instead of the blocks that were shifting. Then, painted the blacktop, another big impact improvement.
Stairs Before Stairs After
Beautiful Brazilian Cherry floors were put down but not on the stairs. And, the stair nose at top was left off and unfinished. In addition, they were installed but never sanded and had no finish. We made the stair treads out of leftover flooring planks. They turned out so pretty. We refinished all the floors as well.
Floors Before Floors After
Kitchen Before Kitchen After
That was the original kitchen from the 60's! We laid the space out so we could fit an area for stools since the dining area is pretty small. Great for homework and hanging out with the cook.
Bath Before Bath After
Bathtub Before Bathtub After
The entire house was updated with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures (faucets, hinges, doorknobs, cabinets)
Laundry Before Laundry After
Master Before Master After
Master Before Master After
Deck Before Deck After
The deck was in really bad shape. We firmed up the structure and replaced some bad boards. Then painted DeckOver from Home Depot. Man, that stuff is thick. That, plus some solar lights for all the posts and, WOW, what a difference. So cute.
Deck Before Deck After
Deck Before Deck After
Flower Bed Before Flower Bed After
Side Door Before Side Door After
Sidewalk Before Sidewalk After
Back Yard Before Back Yard After